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The inaugural Miami Grand Prix took place in May 2022 at Miami Gardens, Florida. This exciting F1 circuit has been included in the Formula 1 calendar on a 10-year contract.

The 2023 dates for the Miami Grand Prix have been confirmed for May 5-7, which may have you wondering what is the latest information on the tickets for this event.

The Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix is a spectacle of note; with live events in the Hard Rock Stadium and a constructed marina complete with yachts. The entire weekend is a spectacle of motorsports and live entertainment.

Read on to find out more about Miami Grand Prix tickets.

What Types Of Tickets Are Available?

In 2022 there was a variety of tickets available for the weekend. Each of these ticket types offered attendees a unique viewing and hospitality experience.

Luxury tickets

Luxury tickets are the cream of the crop when it comes to the Miami Grand Prix. These tickets will ensure premium hospitality in either the Paddock Club or the 72 Club which is hosted by MindMaze.


Suites are perfect for hosts who wish to entertain their guests during this thrilling motorsport event. The suites are private hospitality spaces centrally located near the racing action.

Here are the suites that are available:

  • The Villas
  • Suites at the Start-Finish Line
  • The CRYPTO.com Terrace
  • Miami International Autodrome Hospitality Village
  • Yacht Club Suites
  • Suites located at Turn 5


The Cabanas are unique to Miami and are located at the marina named Hard Rock Beach Club. Guests can choose between the Hard Rock Beach Club cabanas or the Yacht Club cabanas.


There are two club spaces at the Grand Prix that offers amazing views and top-quality food and drinks.

The two clubs are The Veranda and the MIA Hospitality Village.


Grandstands are a thrilling experience as you are seated next to fellow racing fans. The grandstands have an amazing atmosphere, with music, chatter, and cheering. There are a variety of grandstands at the Miami Grand Prix:

  • Start-Finish line Grandstand
  • Turn 18’s AutoNation Grandstand
  • Family Grandstand
  • Marina Grandstand
  • North or South Beach Grandstands

Campus Pass

The campus pass grants guests access to explore the entire venue. Holders of this pass can see the live performances inside the Hard Rock Stadium or at the Beach Club, and can also access the Podium and F1 Fan Zone.

How Much Do Tickets Cost?

To get an idea of ticket costs, we can look at Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix 2022 ticket rates.

2022 Tickets

  • Campus Pass:
    • Friday: $300
    • Saturday: $400
    • Sunday: $500
  • Hard Rock Beach Club:
    • Sand Ticket: $1,000
    • Deck Ticket: $2,000
  • Grandstands:
    • Start/Finish: $2,250
    • AutoNation: $1,910
    • Family Grandstand and Beach Grandstand: $700 – $900
  • Formula One Paddock Club and Champions Club: $50,000 – $100,000 for the weekend
  • Hospitality: Three-day tickets for $5,000 – $10,000

Expected 2023 costs

Here are what you can budget for the 2023 Miami Grand Prix based on 2022 prices.

Note that these prices should not be taken at face value and can change for the upcoming season.

Budget weekend

  • Beach Grandstand Ticket: $640
  • Hostel stay for three nights: $150
  • Spending at the Grand Prix: $300
  • Total: $1,090

Mid-Range weekend

  • Turn 1 Grandstand Ticket: $990
  • 3-star Hotel for three nights: $450
  • Spending at the Grand Prix: $600
  • Total: $2,040

Luxury Weekend

  • F1 Experiences Champions Club Ticket: $6,990
  • 4-star Hotel for three nights: $1,500
  • Spending at the Grand Prix: $1,500
  • Total: $9,990

Where To Purchase Miami Grand Prix Tickets?

The 2023 tickets are not yet on sale, however, you can sign up for the official F1 newsletter to receive all the latest information on ticket availability as well as any special offers. Alternatively, you can place a non-refundable deposit for the F1 Experiences and be first in line once Experience tickets go on sale.


How much do F1 tickets cost on average?

Based off of tickets for 2022, F1 tickets range from $32 to $19,950, with the average price being $1604,29.

Which F1 races are the cheapest to attend?

The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, also called Imola, is the most affordable F1 race, with tickets priced at $108 per person. Second is the Italian Grand Prix with tickets from $114, followed by the Australian Grand Prix starting at $135.

Where is the best place to view the Miami Grand Prix from?

There are plenty of amazing views at the different clubs, paddocks, cabanas, and grandstands, but the best view is at the Fountain View Grandstand on Turn 9. This grandstand has amazing views of the track, as well as a large video board across the way.

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