Those who enjoy Formula 1 races know that the racing driver must remain completely focused throughout the race weekend.

But what happens when nature calls during a race? With so much money and prestige at stake, you may be surprised to know the answer!

Do F1 Drivers Pee During A Race?

A Formula One race can last up to two hours, and drivers sometimes need to relieve themselves during the race.

Although not many will admit it, there are times when an F1 driver will have to pee during the race, and they do it straight into the racing suit.

Do the F1 Drivers Drink Water During A Race?

Because of the high temperatures inside the cockpit, drivers sweat a lot and also lose a lot of their body weight.

To combat this loss of bodily fluids, drivers drink lots of water before and during the race.

The drivers have a fluid bag and pipe in their race suits containing water or hydrating liquids. This fluid can be accessed during a Grand Prix race using a switch to get the fluid into the driver’s mouth.

How Do The Drivers Pee During A Race?

Although drivers lose weight and liquids due to their hot driving suits, they sometimes need to relieve themselves.

Teams and drivers spend a lot of money on each race, and having to take a comfort break is not an option. Drivers must maintain concentration from the race start right through to the finish line.

As a result, a driver who can no longer hold it will pee straight into his driving suit.

It may seem uncomfortable to race while sitting in urine, but most of the urine will evaporate due to the high temperatures and wind entering the cockpit during the race.

Do The Drivers Wear Diapers?

It is unlikely that a driver will opt for a diaper beneath a race suit when he can relieve himself straight into his suit.

Drivers wear a lot of protective gear (there are even regulations regarding underwear) and a tight suit, so having a diaper underneath all this could be very uncomfortable.

Although wearing a diaper is the driver’s choice, it is safe to assume that the drivers who can no longer hold their pee will let go straight into their suits.

What Do The Drivers Say?

Many drivers have remained very tight-lipped around the whole urinating situation; however, one legend racing driver has spoken out about it – Lewis Hamilton (not sure if anyone’s heard of him?).

Hamilton has confirmed that drivers are expected to go in their suits but says he has never been able to do it.

It is rumored that 7-time World Championship title holder, Michael Schumacher, used to pee during every single race – or so mechanics told.

Final Thoughts

Yes, F1 drivers sometimes pee during races, and yes, they do so directly into their racing suits. Luckily the heat and the wind blowing into the cockpit prevents drivers from sitting in a puddle for too long, and as soon as the race ends they can enjoy a well-earned bathroom break.

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